The rotating dilemmas of life usually signify for me that my perspective, thoughts, and ideas are stale. They are the same ole ones still serving up the same results. Isn’t it true when we feel like we are stuck in a pit of depression or pit of blah we need someone else’s help getting us out of the pit? Albert Einstein’s famous quote “No problem can be solved with the same consciousness that created it”, speaks directly to this exact scenario.

My life a few months back needed a second look. It had been several years since I sat with a therapist asking for their analyzation of me, but I knew it was time to return. After my dad passed from COVID-19, I realized upon returning to my home to Washington State where I felt safe and protected from COVID with masks and social distancing, that in addition to the grief of the loss and the stress of handling the affairs, I had been living in paranoid fear of catching the virus in their home state. I had been emersed in stress – the stress of yet another COVID surge, the relentless political debates, the witnessing of a man being held to the ground and killed by an officer of the law mean to protect him. As chaos ensued, my fear resulted in panic attacks, unknown physical ailments, and the onset of early menopause. Stress hormones are no joke. I thought I was losing my fucking mind; the grasp in which I held my life seemed to slip. I wanted to tell myself “what’s wrong, keep a positive outlook, this too shall pass, one day at a time”, yet the feelings of depression and panic were overwhelming. I didn’t know what was happening to me, but it felt scary.

Within the last few months of seeing my therapist, I have had more AHA moments and complete lifting of depressing and debilitating fearful emotions than I can count as I write this. I needed a new perspective – I needed help. My past was continuing to get lived into the future – day after day. My old ideas on several areas of my life including professional, relationships, grieving, and family have been tossed away as a new system of perspective is actively downloading. AND IT FEELS FANTASTIC!

For you today, how are you? Has your foundation been rocked lately? Maybe you are the one to offer new insight to someone else, or you are like me and need the new insight. A past mentor of mine used to say “we sometimes are the weak link, and we sometimes are the strong link” – this is life. The work ALWAYS begins with us. A new decision to do things differently, to gain a new today is only a second away. Second look anyone?

Enjoy the journey, you are worth it!

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