Have you ever purchased something while shopping and later regretted it? Then you debated if you should take it back to the store? I have, and I’ve returned items the same day to aleve my guilt ridden consciousness. What about emotional uncomfortableness? Ever have days, weeks, and sometimes months where the burden of the emotional heaviness outweighs the daily joys?
For a long time I was an immediate fixer. In the moment, let’s fix it. If my kids were having a difficult time, find a therapist. If I felt off about my diet, find a new one and implement it immediately! I own an abundance of odd ingredients in my cupboards, from bone broth to spirulina powder to coconut sugar to ghee, and I could add to that list.
The pressure to hit the relieve button and do something right can become an addictive habit. Have you forgotten that sometimes, we must sit, pause, and learn to be comfortable with the uncomfortable? I will tell you it’s cheaper on the wallet! How do you do that?

  • Rehash your prior few months, ask yourself – do I do that? Am I quickly finding cures for all my uncomfortableness? Do I have many doctors, professionals, and coaches in my life all the time? When is the last time I completed an entire recommendation from any one professional? Write down your answers. Take it in.
  • Once you have your answers written down, ask yourself how you are feeling right now. Do you have a desire to finish something someone has suggested to you? Do you feel like nothing ever works for you? Does anything feel uncomfortable for you? Do an emotional check-in.
  • If you are a chronic fixer, it will be obviousness to you. Next, provide yourself a goal of sorts. Make a deal with yourself…”I will not try a new thing for “x” amount of weeks. I will allow myself space to just BE”.

Is it possible that you have become accustomed to quick fixes for your mental, emotional, and physical health? You might have found yourself running in circles all the time, and constantly looking for relief. For me, it’s been about putting a big “STOP” on the programs, the coaches, the diets, etc. and feeling my way into acceptance of RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW.

In my upcoming book, there is an entire chapter dedicated to what I am discussing in this blog titled Right Here Right Now, Everything is O.K.

Enjoy the journey, you are worth it!

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