Call after call, sponsee after sponsee, problem after problem.  At times, it would feel hopeless – like what I am going to say to help them?  Then I bring in god.  Yes, for me I reach out to my higher power when servicing others.  I prefer it not all be my thinking.  Then add my own work, thank god, I was shown tools in my own life I could access to help them.  But what about the intuitive hit I get now and then, when working with someone?  Those intuitive hits have been more impactful at times than anything ever shown to me.  True to form, inspired from something outside of me.  Highly effective. I love those moments.

One thing is for sure, when any of us are in our thinking, the voices on the inside are screaming at us, and if they are not screaming at us, they are FEELING the hell out of us.  Let me explain.

You ever have an issue in your life, and it was so heavy emotionally you don’t even think about the problem anymore, but you FEEL it through to your bones?  I like to point this out to the women I mentor because sometimes there are no words to discuss the feeling they are having.  It’s a pang of pain, a gut punch of ick. Which they are having a hard time letting go of.  Ultimately, behind the feeling were hundreds of thoughts pertaining to themselves, their identity, their ego, and their beliefs.  Because they had several hundreds of thoughts, it is no longer about thinking about the issue, as much as feeling about the issue.  The inner voice has turned into an actual physical feeling – make sense?

So, what do you do to turn what is a seemingly horrific situation felt to the bone, around to a manageable situation, with hope and excitement sprinkled on it?  How do you reestablish new beliefs and thoughts on a subject which has been beaten down with preconceived notions?  You scream at it.  That’s what.  AND let me explain.

What I have found in working with others, is when they call they usually have already had debates and logic with themselves about whatever issue is at hand.  Now and then, they have assessed the situation to the extent that they don’t even tell me what happened – I call this the vague phone call.  My role at that point is pull out the scenario, to get them to talk about the actual event vs. what they think about it after the fact.   Most of the time we dig down a little and they pull right up, but every now and then they are calling after hundreds of thoughts about a situation have been taking place, and now they call because they just can’t hang with themselves anymore.

I’m pretty good at picking up on a person who is beaten down by their own perception.  When this is the scenario my objective becomes to get them to believe they can do whatever it’s going to take to overcome their obstacle.  It’s not hopeless.  I must provide a minimal b-12 shot if you will.  Get them ramped up quickly, back on their feet (usually because they are calling me on their way to work, or after work on their way home to family– it’s been my most available time for calls), until we can meet face to face and do deeper work on the issue.  The call looks something like this. Me…”Now, I’m going to ask you to repeat something after me – o.k.?”.  Female “uh-o.k.” (very skeptical at this point).  Me…”I CAN DO THIS”, now your turn.  Female “what?”.  Me…” repeat exactly what I say “I CAN DO THIS”.  Female (in a small soft voice full of doubt) “I can do this.”.  Me.. “do it again, only say it like you mean it”.  Female (a little louder still doubtful” “I Can Do This”.  Me. “do it again”. Female “I CAN DO THIS”.   —This back and forth probably goes on for about 4 rounds until I get her to confidently be almost yelling into the phone “I CAN DO THIS!!!”.  The confidence restores, she is reminded she is a powerful spiritual being, who has succumbed to her thoughts and emotions, and lost her way a bit. Now she has enough confidence to knock the hell out of whatever feeling is overwhelming her, and go about the rest of her day.  We do revisit the issue again to see if there are deeper emotions being impacted which will need dealt with, otherwise the “I CAN DO IT”, is essentially only going to act as a band-aid.  No continued progress will be made.

I personally have had to do this many times, especially as I’m working on “the purpose” blindly, might I add.  Driving to work in bumper to bumper traffic, another day of not being self-employed, another day of no website, another day of working for the man.  Building the purpose is fucking work.  And I must scream at the nasty little mother fucker in my head if he/she gets too loud, trying to convince me I can’t do it.  This technique is quite powerful, and works every time.  I like to follow up with AC/DC or Eminem or good hip hop.  By the time I get to my destination I’m dancing in my car and feel like I can take on the world.

Try it.


Have a great day, and enjoy the journey!  You only have one!


Susan Denee

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