What happens when you become overwhelmed? Are you easily irritated? Do you blame others for not doing a better job, therefore resulting in you doing more work? Do you shut down; emotionally and mentally and stop working?

What do you do when you feel judged? Maybe you have compared your insides to other’s outsides and found yourself on the low end of the ledger? Do you mire in misery for a few days? Do you verbally complain about the unfortunate circumstances you have found yourself in?

Take a brief personal inventory of YOU when conditions are not responding to you in the way you would prefer. How do you react to life not giving what you think it should?
What Crazy emotional reaction is continually holding you back from being your best self? Have you become acquainted with your unique form of crazy, AND are you familiar enough with it that you own it? Once the fire alarm of crazy goes off in your head or your actions how quick are you to own it, and stop the train from crashing?

For me, I will not experience personal expansion until I tame the wild stallion of crazy running in my life at that moment. It could be relationship, health, or financial crazy. Who am I when the crazy alarm is going off? Do I absolutely 100% own my crazy? There is no moving through it until I own it. What about you?

Enjoy the journey, you are worth it!

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