Personal worth – the level at which someone deserves to be valued. Guess what? The deserving part starts with you telling yourself you deserve value.

When we experience ongoing, nagging emotional heaviness in a specific area of our life, we intuitively know we need to make a new decision then the intuitiveness combines with the logical; “If it isn’t working, take a different direction”. Logical – right? But why is that so hard? We get stuck in the past decisions, the past results. We see our past everywhere in front of us and for some odd reason it feels secure. It feels safe. We cling to the comfortable and the predictable life we have established up to that point, and we can’t deny it’s not feeling good anymore.

Aren’t you worth a new experience? Aren’t you worth that new relationship? That new job? What about your health; aren’t you worth a new body? Aren’t you worth spending the money for the education, the new toy – especially when you know you can afford it?

Any decision I have paused for a long time over I always knew it was a matter of me not trusting I am worth a new experience. I could combine this lack of worth trust with lack of faith – but for this conversation I had to have continuous conversations with myself that I was worth the decision. It seems silly at times that my life is mine to live but I will hold off on decisions for fear of how my decision will affect others – resulting in me being miserable and thinking others need me to do something for them to be happy? How egotistical and bullshit that is!

So for today, I am worthy of my business, of my education, of my relationship, and I am worthy to make whatever decisions I need to make to be happy. At the end of this journey, it will be me and the earth – all those folks I seemingly were living my life for won’t be there, it’s up to be to determine my worthiness and it’s up to you to direct your life to the next level of peace and satisfaction for you.

Enjoy the journey, you are WORTH it!

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