Even as reread the words again “Grow or stay right where you are, the choice is yours” my body felt strong resonation with the idea of how debilitating it felt to stay where I am at. I always choose growth, and it hasn’t consistently been altruistically aligned with spiritual growth, sometimes it’s been ambition crazy growth – both offer new ideas and perceptions; however, the latter tends to cost more and not in a happy joyous way – more of a “I gotta do this to feel good about me” way and it’s not the most fulfilling – but does feel good.

We are invariably growing, evolving, maturing, and experiencing – and most of us might not even realize it’s happening. Whether it’s having a new baby and becoming a parent, embracing the newness of committed responsibility combined with physical, mental, and emotional endurance you didn’t even realize a new baby requires to acquiring the new job which comes with new personalities to understand and new job skills to apply to enduring one of the most memorable years as an individual emotionally surviving a pandemic – growth. Susan David, PHD defines Emotional Agility as being flexible with your thoughts and feelings so that you can respond optimally to everyday situations. Growth takes agility.

I only want joy. That’s all. Recently, someone messaged me “It seems like you are seeking something” And I thought – well Hell yes! Always, seeking to grasp the next level of growth for me. If you reflect in your life, you will see where you have inevitably moved forward, because let’s face it there’s no going back. Even if I unknowingly sought growth in my sad feelings or my misery – I have chosen to massage that ugly emotion until it no longer serves me, then I start to make changes – to grow. I refuse to give into mundane, paralyzing anxiety or dullness in life – and that is all I need to know to pick up the energy and try something different to change the course.

My prior 6 months have been some of the most challenging and gut wrenching of my life. From watching a parent die of covid while simultaneously hitting menopause and not in a kind of warm up phase – but full on no more hormone production and physical ailments combined with grieving. Days where I could not get off the couch. But I knew this too shall pass all I need to do is the next indicated step. (thank you for the rooms of recovery by the way for the wise advice still saving my ass almost 20 years clean). I know to keep pushing forward, the relief – the AHA moment, the joy will come. It’s on its way. Keep trudging. Don’t give up. Don’t give in. Push through – you’ve got this. You are an amazing machine of growth – the universes intention for you is joy – you will play again.

So, for you today – embrace that you too choose growth – you always have, otherwise things in your life would never change – even if the change seems insignificant like the Netflix show you are binging or the new restaurant you tried – you still changed your mind.

We are meant to create and grow – that is the joy of being us. Enjoy the journey, you are worth it!

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