How many of us have bolted out of a job?  Perhaps we were in our early twenties when we did it, regardless we suddenly had a moment where we changed our course because we couldn’t take it any longer!  Don’t get me wrong, I am a believer that whatever choices I make I am quite capable of cleaning up the debris of the not so great choices and living the rewards of the good.  Sometimes our choices create the foundation of our new found beliefs.

This blog is about the decisions we make when we haven’t put much thought into it.  The decisions based out of an emotional reaction vs. logical strategy.  We are emotional creatures.  Our emotions, when appropriate can act as a guide for the next best thing, however if they are overwhelming and reactive in nature we can find ourselves in some not-so-good scenarios as result of reacting amidst them.

So what about those desperate decisions?  When I ponder the times in my life when I made an emotionally desperate decision, I think of the day job or past relationships.  My first real job was when I was 20 years old.  I was hired on at a collection agency through a temp agency.  I was naïve to put it lightly, I had no idea what the next couple of years would look like.  It wouldn’t be appropriate if I left out I was a daily pot smoker and drinking at least 3-4 times a week.  This story comes later.  This job offered opportunity for me, and I knew it.  I had moved from Nebraska to Phoenix.  The culture alone was stimulating, but the opportunity to work in an office setting was exciting.  For I had pretty much waited tables up to this point.  Small town girl in a big city – and I loved all of it.  As the months went by at the job I continued to get promoted.  I was in charge of 2 people at first, then 10, then 20, than at one point I was managing 65 people.  I worked 60 hours a week, smoked my pot, drank my beer – had fun on the weekends.  Oh, did I mention – a blunt, at times mean, ego-ran 22 year old (I was there 2 years).  So why leave a job that seemingly was providing opportunity, and an income?

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