You are either afraid to succeed or afraid to fail? Have you heard this before? What is your first reactive thought? Which one? I am afraid of failure. And I have put all sorts of justifications in front of why I do not go into action sooner – maybe it’s because I have a full schedule and I feel burned out, maybe it’s because it’s never the right time, or maybe it’s because I don’t feel like I know enough, or I don’t have enough money. OR maybe it’s because I get caught up in the comparison game – what psychologists call the “contrast effect” which can send your own self-image into the toilet!

Ultimately, if I am frozen in stillness and unwilling to do the work to move forward, I have managed to mind fuck myself into an emotional block of beliefs that require uncovering on a deeper level. For day-to-day stuff no big deal, easy hurdles to jump such as the dishes need done, the floor needs swept, etc. But for the larger ones, the writing on the book, or building the business those actions seem bigger, more at risk of failure. So, the work likes in asking myself which belief, which emotion is leading my body vs. my mind leading the action? Do I truly know what is lying underneath the inaction? No one has ever said self-journeying is an easy process, however the wisest individuals I know and the ones that have something emotionally and spiritually that I want tend to make intrinsic self-searching a daily and life time practice.

You have one journey in this current travel of life you live – how interesting and fulfilling do you want to make it? Jump in and start discovering what’s underneath the blanket of stallness you might be experiencing.

Enjoy the journey – you are worth it!

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